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Join the Raven Swarm !

If you’re a player or a master of the 5th edition, a veteran or a beginner, and you want to support me through the Patreon platform, I offer to simplify and diversify your games with an evergrowing list of material :
  • Three to four adventures a month in PDF format, available in your mailbox
  • Ready to use maps for those adventures

  • Access to the archives (cleverly named the Raven’s Nest)

  • Magic items, spells and other ways to customize your sessions

  • And, as any good patron, you’ll be able to influence my creations with votes and comments


Your support makes this possible.  

The patrons of Maître Corbeau support a writer who invests his efforts in offering the best of himself.
Without them, he can only dream of increasing his production and sharing his creations at a larger scale.

Thank you all for your support.