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To guarantee your success and save your time

To make your life easier, Maître Corbeau offers many resources for the 5th edition of the world’s most popular RPG.
  • Adventures in PDF format, map included
  • Custom and unkind monsters 
  • Player options (subclasses, magic items, spells…)
  • Requests for patrons
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May you be a player or a Game Master in a 5th edition game, newcomer or veteran, wanting to support me through the Patreon platform, I offer to better your games with diverse content : 

  • Monthly PDF content
  • Maps with each associated adventures
  • Access to the archives
  • Magic items, spells and other ways to customize your games
  • The opportunity to influence my production with votes, polls and requests
Fire Monastery - grid keyed 2

The black montain monastery

A fiery monk order


A timely curse

Kanathi, were-wolf pack leader


Altrair’s hideout

An adventure filled with puzzles

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The patrons of Maître Corbeau support a writer who investis his efforts in offering the best of himself. Without them, he can only dream of increasing his production and sharing his creations at a larger scale. 

Thank you all for your support.